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The Ride of Your Life

IndianFireMaiden's Surprise Party!

by Frank O'Connell • March 21, 2009

Theme: The Ride of Your Life

I know for all of you this theme requires very little explanation. It has two meanings; first, following me all over the country for 33 years of marriage through 22 moves and second, Barbara’s skilled passion for motorcycling thousands of miles a year.

The yearly tours with the American Flyers Motorcycle Club (AFMC gang – have played a big role in our lives. Since I couldn’t get into a Country Club we started AFMC years ago with a group who has since become very close friends after years and thousands of miles of travel!

Dress: Biker-Wear Your Colors

This is your chance to get your leathers out of the closet, put on your boots and bling, and show off those tattoos. Just in case some of you have none of this but secretly always wanted to be A Wild One, just wear black. When you arrive select from the wild & unbelievable men and women’s “O’Connell motorcycle apparel and accessory” collection. Barbara has some pretty far-out biker babe outfits which some of you will want to fight over. However it is unlikely you will find your favorite designer unless it’s Harley or Indian.

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