New AFMC website creeps slothlike into the light

"Seattle Bob" Meador • Nov 21, 2004

Thanks to an outpouring of effort that can only be described as "somnolent", we now have a database-based site that supports pictures, stories, slideshows, PDFs and easy updating by any Flyer with enough motivation to ask me for a username and password.

To the best of my ability, I have populated the site with photos, stories and content from the previous AFMC site. But information is sketchy on most AFMC activity before my own time. I have a list of many rides from 1996 to 2001, and attendance information, but don't have the DATES the rides spanned which, thanks to an overdesigned database, I need. And maybe a brief summary - the flavor of the trip, if you will. Plus any pictures anyone might have lying around.

With your dedication and support, we can lift this site from "hideous" to "lightly offensive", or even, god help us, "adequate".

Your country thanks you.

"Seattle Bob" Meador
Keeper of the Bits

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