Talk of Turkey

"Seattle Bob" Meador • Oct 13, 2004

I hold in my hands a fax from Mr. Andy Forrester comprising the (lightly recycled) itinerary for an erstwhile AFMC trip to Turkey in the fall of 2005. Lightly recycled because the "2004" has been scratched out and "2005" written in with pen - apparently this was the trip that instead became our Northern California tour. A good thing, too, as many of us discovered how diverse and beautiful the riding in California can be.

But Turkey still waits, and the itinerary looks like a good one. Hotel rooms carved into volcanic rock, ancient cities, Whirling Dervishes, churches set into the walls of a gorge, some of the best-preserved antiquities in the world, and even a cruise and overnight on a gulet, the traditional Turkish wooden boat. With riding days ranging from 30 to 200 miles, there's plenty of opportunity for side trips and non-motorcycling adventures.

According to Andy, the quote from Kaz for last year's planned trip was $4000 for a double room, including rental of a BMW F650. Andy says due to obvious safety concerns, he's going to maintain contact with Kaz and keep us all informed as things develop.

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